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An Unexpected Start

An Unexpected Start
Parker Trimble Brown was born April 9, 2010.

I'm One Year Old

I'm One Year Old
Parker will be 14 months old on June 9th.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a great day with our family - Parker slept until almost 8am (after partying from 12am-2am for no apparent reason), we went to church at FUMC Coppell with our parents, and had lunch at our house with the family.  Parker crashed from 1:15 - 3:15pm and then we did his three Easter baskets - one from us, and one from each set of grandparents.  We took a 4 mile walk this afternoon and enjoyed seeing all of the families at the parks this afternoon enjoying food and fellowship.  Note - its probably not a good idea to throw your Easter eggs into poison ivy-filled wooded areas and then release your kids to go find them!  I embarrassed Benton by giving a nice family a lesson on "leaves of three", but I couldn't walk by and let those kids get covered in the stuff!

I hope all of you were able to spend time with loved ones today and reconnect with your faith.  When I was up last night wrestling with my child, John 3:16 came into my mind and it stuck with me throughout today.  It's hard for me to imagine that God loves us so much he could sacrifice his sweet baby boy... As our sermon said today, we can get up each morning because He got up! I need to remember this on days when I think I have troubles because there aren't any too great for Him to handle.  Amen!

Can I please eat the flowers?

How can he not be a future golfer?

Parker with buddy, Ben Barnard, at Will Winfrey's train party yesterday.

He loved the John Deere tractor - maybe for his next birthday....

Pictures after church on Easter Sunday, just like my family took every year.

Lots of Easter loot!

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