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An Unexpected Start

An Unexpected Start
Parker Trimble Brown was born April 9, 2010.

I'm One Year Old

I'm One Year Old
Parker will be 14 months old on June 9th.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

I have been quite reflective the last few days about how blessed I am to be Parker's mom.  A friend pointed out that I often call him, Parker Brown, without even realizing it.  I guess that means he'll learn his whole name faster than the rest.  He has been such an easy baby, but he is even more of a joy lately now that he can communicate with words and phrases.  I'll wait until next week to make my brag list of his 19-month old words, but there are more and more each day!

We had a great second Halloween tonight.  His costume was the hit of our block and he loved saying "Tink You" to everyone as he passed out candy to trick or treaters.  He was not a fan of the hat and beard earlier this afternoon - the best part of his costume - until he realized that people would tell him how cute he is and give him candy if he kept it on.  He went to Benton's aunt house for a trial run and performed perfectly on cue.  Then to our surprise, he made our whole cul-de-sac and would have gone farther.  We'll need to remember to get out tennis shoes on for running next year!

Mom - seriously, its hot and I'm wearing a full suit made of fleece and you want me to wear a cone hat and beard too?!

I wanted a Travelocity Gnome shot with the suitcase, so this was not quite what I had in mind....

We have perfected our "cheese" face!

So proud of himself in the car on the way back home!

And a shot from Halloween 2010 - not a buzz cut, but all of his hair had fallen out and I think he only had his four front teeth at 6 months.

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