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An Unexpected Start

An Unexpected Start
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I'm One Year Old

I'm One Year Old
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Get Motivated

I had the pleasure of going with the seniors from New Tech High (where I worked the last two yeas) to the Get Motivated seminar at American Airlines Center on Monday.

We got there late and missed Troy Aikman, but we were upgraded to VIP floor seats, so it was worth being a little tardy. We caught the end of Zig Ziglar, then saw Laura Bush live on stage about 20 feet from our seats. My iPhone doesn't do it justice!

Most of what she discussed was from her book, Stories From the Heart (which is great if you haven't already read it). She was so polished and poised - what I imagine Jackie Kennedy Onassis would have been like on stage.

Emmitt Smith and Terry Bradshaw also spoke. Emmitt was very spiritual like a preacher and some of his stories sound like they are from his book (I will be reading soon, I love biographies). Terry Bradshaw was the most entertaining and really performed like a stand up comic.

Rudy Giuliani also spoke, but I was disappointed in his content and delivery. It was almost like he took old political speeches and pieced them together. He needed more practice and it was obvious that he couldn't ad-lib. I can see now why he didn't make it any further in his presidential campaign.

I found several complaints about this conference online as a money-making scam. Yes there were some infomercials for items, but we got 200 tickets, VIP floor seats, and 85 free lunches all for $9.95. I'm grateful I was able to see these people in person and share the experience with 85 of my favorite kids :)

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